Year: 2020

Conjugaisons EP (Valentin Rocher)

If you’re looking for something interesting to listen to, check out Valentin Rocher’s EP “Conjugaisons”. The track “Nous” has a heavily modulated MS-22 at its heart, combined with a R*S Ncom and Verbos Harmonic Oscillator. The whole EP’s (Conjugaison) concept is fascinating, trying looking thinking of modules as syllables, and the patched rack as a language.

Here’s how Valentin describes it himself: “EP composed with a synthesizer mainly made of Verbos Electronic modules. This configuration inspires me the “verb” (Verbos in Spanish).Read more

I’ll be back after a break

All orders from the pre-Brexit batch have shipped, time to wind down for the year! I’ll be taking a break from producing modules so I can have some vacation and some free brain space to work on new stuff. During my break, the shop will be closed. I’ll be back in a few months. Of course, if you have burning questions, you know where to find me… :)

Happy holidays from my family to yours!


Order Steve’s MS-22 before Brexit!

Hi everybody!

Currently, it isn’t clear yet how Brexit will impact my business as of next year. Because of Brexit getting near, I’ve decided to set up another production run for Steve’s MS-22. This way, all of my friends in the UK are able to get their hands on Steve’s MS-22 before Brexit happens. I think it’s quite possible that as of next year I won’t be shipping to the UK until I have all the extra administration figured out.… Read more

Steve’s MS-22 sold out!

The current batch of Steve’s MS-22 is now officially sold out. Once these last modules and kits are out the door, I’ll be taking a break from production to focus on developing my next module! The next batch of MS-22’s can be expected near the end of the year. And perhaps I’ll also have a new and exciting prototype to show by then 😎. PS: I still have some PCB/panel sets for you hardcore SMD lovers out there. Only 5 remaining though!