Month: March 2020

Steve’s MS-22 build guide update

I’ve just updated the build guide for Steve’s MS-22 with some more pictures and drawings. These should further illustrate the assembly process, making it all go down without a hitch :). You can find the updated build guide here.

You can find a few excerpts of the updates below!

Steve’s MS-22 PCB/panel set back in stock + COVID19 update

Good news! The delivery gods have graced me with a new shipment of Steve’s MS-22 PCB/panel sets. I’m also happy to say that these new PCB’s now sport a fancy nickel gold plating, which should lead to even easier SMT soldering than before. Even though the current batch is a bit larger than the previous one, please know there already were some pre-orders. If you want one (or more), don’t wait too long before ordering! :)

In addition to the PCB/panel set, I’m now also offering the required knobs and switches, saving you some time (and shipping costs) sourcing these very specific components.… Read more

New little product for synth DIY enthusiasts

If you’re a DIY lover, you know the pain of connecting 3.5mm jacks to an oscilloscope. To make my life (and yours) a bit easier I’ve a developed a cool little product to help with this. Meet the THREETOM Wiretap: a 2-way multiple that you can directly mount on your oscilloscope’s BNC connector. The Wiretap allows you to conveniently visualise a signal on your oscilloscope and then take that same signal back out to your modular!

Find out more about the THREETOM Wiretap PCB and DIY kit in my webshop.… Read more

The webshop is now open for business!

After a bit of radio silence and a whole lot of work, I happily declare my new webshop open for business. In general, the webshop should provide customers with an even nicer shopping experience than they’ve had so far. Currently, there’s nothing in stock yet, but you can now preorder Steve’s MS-22 PCB/panel sets and Wiretap PCB’s/DIY kits, which are coming in 2 to 3 weeks.

Many things have been automated, such as calculating shipping costs, sending payment confirmations, etc… By automating all of these things, I’m gaining some time for the things that really matter: talking to you, assembling modules and designing new products!… Read more