The ThreeTom story

Hi, my name is Tom Verschooten, and I’m the guy behind ThreeTom Modular Synthesizers, a small boutique Eurorack business based in Belgium. Let me tell you a bit about myself and why I started this business.

Here’s me wearing a funny hat in Norway :).

It’s all Steve’s fault…

I got to know tech journalist Steve O’Hear on Facebook sometime in late 2018. He was originally looking for someone to build him a DIY kit for a classic VCF clone. During our talk, he told me that in an ideal world he would have the same filter in a much smaller format. I thought that sounded like an interesting technical challenge, and so the ThreeTom story began. Of course, I then decided to add some innovative features of my own, not only making the module much more interesting but even more challenging to design and build!

The name ThreeTom

I originally thought of “ThreeTom” as a name for my own engineering consultancy business. The name symbolizes my background as an engineer spanning three different disciplines (electronics, photonics, and mechanical engineering). I’m basically a one man engineering team, so you’re effectively getting three Toms for the price of one ;). Although I eventually decided not to go through with my consulting business, the name stuck.

If you’re interested in learning more about my academic background and professional career, have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Tom Trivia

Some random facts about myself, for your entertainment:

  • I identify more as an engineer than as a musician. Never the less, I play a bit of piano, guitar, fretless bass, double bass, and of course modular synthesizer
  • When making music on my modular synthesizer, I tend to make (dark) ambient
  • Find out what’s currently in my personal rack on Modular Grid
  • I’m a huge coffee geek and amateur barista :)

No idea what I’m talking about?

Have a look at this great article by Steve O’Hear, explaining a bit of recent history you’ve missed out on.