KLSTRZND / drone with 2 MS-22 filters / cinematic version

Want to be on the tip of your seat for 10 minutes, caught in a vibe somewhere between “The Walking Dead” and Jeff Wayne’s “War of the worlds“? Go check out this amazing cinematic jam with 2x Steve’s MS-22 by BRiES. Coincidentally, this was posted on my birthday, couldn’t have wished for a better present 😍 . If you aren’t subscribed to BRiES on YouTube yet, I heartily recommend doing so! 😘 a fresh look on modular filtering

A while ago I got interviewed by Synthux Academy, which is a podcast and blog about the design of synthesizers. During the interview, I talk about the development of Steve’s MS-22, how I’m currently revamping my unconventional design workflow, and the ways I hope to stand out as a small manufacturer. I’m very much honored to be featured on this blog among veteran companies like Make Noise, Music Thing Modular, Erica Synths, and Arturia.

Exploding Shed online workshop on 10th of June 2021

Not yet feeling up to SMT soldering like Caspar and Lily? Would you like to have the awesome people of Exploding Shed walk you through building a full DIY kit? Then I have good news for you: Exploding Shed will be hosting an online workshop on building Steve’s MS-22 on Thursday, the 10th of June at 18:00 CEST. You can subscribe for the workshop and order a full DIY kit until the 31st of May. I will also be joining the event through the chat :)

Channel 37 giveaway: Win a free Steve’s MS-22 partial kit

Channel 37 is an up-and-coming YouTube channel where Caspar (a scientist) and Lily (a classically trained musician) explore the wonderful world of Eurorack DIY. Their videos take you along on their learning experience, not shying away from talking about things that went wrong or may have gone better. In their first video, Caspar and Lily set themselves the goal of being able to build a more complex SMT project, preferably Steve’s MS-22, by yours truly :).

A few days ago, Caspar and Lily have reached their milestone.… Read more