Pre-order Steve’s MS-22 now! (April batch)

I have just opened pre-orders for the next batch of Steve’s MS-22, expected to ship in April. Based on the number of inquiries I’ve gotten, I expect this batch to sell out very soon.

PS: Unfortunately, I will not be taking orders from the UK at this time. This is due to shipping complications as a result of Brexit (I am working towards a solution for the next batch though!).

UPDATE: Pre-orders sold out in less than 7 hours.… Read more

Wrench pliers, the ultimate tool for crimping eurorack power cables!

I recently discovered that wrench pliers are a most awesome tool for crimping eurorack power cables. I thought I’d share my experiences in a YouTube video… :)

The particular Knipex model that I’ve purchased:

And the protective covers for the jaws:

Technomancer build guide now available!

If you have been considering to build my Technomancer illuminated blind plate, but were holding off because of the lack of a build guide, I have some good news for you: I finally found the time to get the build guide done. You can find the build guide on the DIY page.

If you’re thinking about getting a Technomancer, also have a look at the PCB Party pack.

Major shoutout to Peter Antens for his help with writing and proofreading!