KLSTRZND / drone with 2 MS-22 filters / cinematic version

Want to be on the tip of your seat for 10 minutes, caught in a vibe somewhere between “The Walking Dead” and Jeff Wayne’s “War of the worlds“? Go check out this amazing cinematic jam with 2x Steve’s MS-22 by BRiES. Coincidentally, this was posted on my birthday, couldn’t have wished for a better present 😍 . If you aren’t subscribed to BRiES on YouTube yet, I heartily recommend doing so! 😘

Conjugaisons EP (Valentin Rocher)

If you’re looking for something interesting to listen to, check out Valentin Rocher’s EP “Conjugaisons”. The track “Nous” has a heavily modulated MS-22 at its heart, combined with a R*S Ncom and Verbos Harmonic Oscillator. The whole EP’s (Conjugaison) concept is fascinating, trying looking thinking of modules as syllables, and the patched rack as a language.

Here’s how Valentin describes it himself: “EP composed with a synthesizer mainly made of Verbos Electronic modules. This configuration inspires me the “verb” (Verbos in Spanish).Read more