Wrench pliers, the ultimate tool for crimping eurorack power cables!

I recently discovered that wrench pliers are a most awesome tool for crimping eurorack power cables. I thought I’d share my experiences in a YouTube video… :)

The particular Knipex model that I’ve purchased: https://www.knipex.com/index.php?id=1216&L=1&page=group_detail&parentID=2362&groupID=2408

And the protective covers for the jaws: https://www.knipex.com/index.php?id=1216&L=1&page=art_detail&parentID=1368&groupID=2649&artID=35572

Steve’s MS-22 drum sample pack!

A few evenings ago, I sat down with Steve’s MS-22 and the 1010music Bitbox and created an awesome drum sample pack to share with all of you. I hope you’ll all enjoy this little sample (pun intended) of one of the many things Steve’s MS-22 can do for you in your rack! :). The download link (and a jam) can be found further down this article.

What’s included in this pack?

  • 24x Steve’s MS-22 drum samples (48kHz, 24 bit, WAV)
  • A Bitbox preset
  • An Ableton Live set as generated by the Bitbox

Some patch notes

  • I used the following modules to create this sample pack:
    • Threetom Steve’s MS-22 dual VCF
    • 1010music Bitbox (for sampling)
    • Pamela’s New Workout (on clocking duty)
    • Befaco Rampage (envelope duty)
    • Intellijel Atlantis (for white noise)
  • All samples contain multiple hits with small tweaks.
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A tutorial on “Make Noise” style indicator lights and designing an illuminated blind plate using KiCad

Make Noise front panels are easily recognizable by the wonderful indicator lights that seem to be integrated into the front panels themselves. I’ve been wanting to experiment with this technique for some time now. And so a while ago I designed a concept for illuminated blind plates. The prototypes arrived recently and I’ve been showing them off on different social media. Some people on Reddit were interested in learning more about them and so I decided to put up a little tutorial.… Read more