DIY info

Steve’s MS-22

It takes about 1-2 hours to build the module, and about 20-60 minutes to calibrate it.

“Technomancer” illuminated blind plate

  • Schematic
  • BOM:
    • 6x RGB LEDs, PLCC6 footprint (Broadcom limited ASMB-UTF2-0E20B)
    • 8x 120R 1206 SMT resistors
    • 8x 240R 1206 SMT resistors
    • 8x 10R 1206 SMT resistors
    • 2x SMT IDC power connectors


Bill of materials:

  • 2x SMA Female PCB Edge Mount Connector
  • 4x CUI SJ-3524-SMT-TR 3.5 mm jack
  • 2x Adapter SMA Male to BNC Male

You’ll find these components with many online suppliers! Download a cart for Mouser here.

Whoever said build guides should be boring?

Getting support

It’s always possible that something goes wrong during a build. If that is indeed the case, let me point you towards a few sources of support.

Threetom’s repair service

Did you build a full kit and did that somehow ended badly? No worries, you can send your build back to me and I’ll revive the patient to full health. The typical cost for this service is about 2 working hours + shipping. Please get in touch for a quote.

Threetom’s DIY group on Facebook

Come join the club of Threetom customers and discuss your Threetom build over here:

Other Facebook groups

There’s quite a few awesome Facebook groups where you can get support from fellow DIY’ers. Here’s a list:

These groups are full of awesome people and you should definitely consider joining them anyhow! :)