Kit Assembly

There are a lot of interesting modules out there that are only available as DIY kits. If you don’t feel up to doing this yourself, I’m here to help.

How it works

  • Interested in having a DIY kit assembled? Send me an e-mail on to get a quote.
  • Be sure to provide a link to where the desired DIY kit is for sale.
  • I will provide you with an all-in-one price for the kit, assembly and shipping
  • Upon payment, you can kick back and relax, I’ll handle everything for you from that point on.
  • Your brand new module will delivered a few weeks later, fully tested and calibrated.

Some examples

Here’s some modules that I’ve built in the past:

TubeOhm SMR4P multi VCF
Zlob Vnicursal, great module, 6 VCA’s in only 8 HP!
Befaco Rampage, maybe even tastier than Make Noise Maths ˆ_ˆ
Transient Modules 2M mixer, handy miniature mixer.
Befaco Crush Delay v2 with clean mod, interesting delay for dark ambient stuff.
Sonic Potions Penrose quantizer, combine this with a Turing Machine and you’re good to go for generative music!
The TubeOhm SM4RP is a tasty 3-layer PCB sandwich :)