If you’re looking for something interesting to listen to, check out Valentin Rocher’s EP “Conjugaisons”. The track “Nous” has a heavily modulated MS-22 at its heart, combined with a R*S Ncom and Verbos Harmonic Oscillator. The whole EP’s (Conjugaison) concept is fascinating, trying looking thinking of modules as syllables, and the patched rack as a language.

Here’s how Valentin describes it himself: “EP composed with a synthesizer mainly made of Verbos Electronic modules. This configuration inspires me the “verb” (Verbos in Spanish). The verb designates the set of words that express the action or state of the subject. Each module then becomes a syllable, a word, a vocable, developing a language. It becomes a verb that can be varied, declined, conjugated. Each track of the EP is a personal pronoun activating this language and expressing the action or state of its subject.”

PS: Valentin, sorry it took me a while to share this, but I wanted to take my time to type out a post that would do it justice! :)