Hi everybody,

In the coming two weeks I expect to start on a new batch of assembled Steve’s MS-22 modules. I’ll also be receiving a new batch of PCB/panel sets. These will be the last batches until autumn/winter as I’ll be taking a break from production to work on two new modules.

To give these new batches a little boost, I’m offering two deals until the 14th of June 2020:

Please note that these free items will not automatically show up in your cart. I’ll add these to your order manually after you’ve made your payment.


  • The PCB/panel sets got delivered a bit earlier than expected, they are shipping as of now! :).
  • The assembled modules are available now as “built-to-order”, shipping 2-4 weeks after ordering.

Don’t wait too long before ordering, the last batch of Corona kits sold out in a matter of hours!