A few evenings ago, I sat down with Steve’s MS-22 and the 1010music Bitbox and created an awesome drum sample pack to share with all of you. I hope you’ll all enjoy this little sample (pun intended) of one of the many things Steve’s MS-22 can do for you in your rack! :). The download link (and a jam) can be found further down this article.

What’s included in this pack?

  • 24x Steve’s MS-22 drum samples (48kHz, 24 bit, WAV)
  • A Bitbox preset
  • An Ableton Live set as generated by the Bitbox

Some patch notes

  • I used the following modules to create this sample pack:
    • Threetom Steve’s MS-22 dual VCF
    • 1010music Bitbox (for sampling)
    • Pamela’s New Workout (on clocking duty)
    • Befaco Rampage (envelope duty)
    • Intellijel Atlantis (for white noise)
  • All samples contain multiple hits with small tweaks. You can slice them up and then have your sampler select a random slice for humanization (this is already the case in the Bitbox preset).
  • All samples are 100% unprocessed. Add effects to taste.

A little jam with MS-22 drums sounds


These samples are a 100% royalty free (it would be nice if you give me shout out if you end up using them though).

Before you download

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