Good news! The delivery gods have graced me with a new shipment of Steve’s MS-22 PCB/panel sets. I’m also happy to say that these new PCB’s now sport a fancy nickel gold plating, which should lead to even easier SMT soldering than before. Even though the current batch is a bit larger than the previous one, please know there already were some pre-orders. If you want one (or more), don’t wait too long before ordering! :)

In addition to the PCB/panel set, I’m now also offering the required knobs and switches, saving you some time (and shipping costs) sourcing these very specific components.

In other news, I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s currently a world-wide pandemic going on. This has some impact on shipping :

  • Bpost has currently suspended all shipments going out of the EU.
  • DPD seems mostly fine for now, with some hickups in France, Spain and Italy

Because of the above, some Threetom orders may be delayed. If this is the case for your order, I’ll keep you posted (pun intended) on when I can ship. For all shipments by Bpost, please assume at least 4 weeks of delay. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this.

Stay safe and healthy my friends!