2xWiretap PCB


If you’re a DIY enthousiast, you know the pain of connecting 3.5mm jacks to an oscilloscope. The THREETOM Wiretap solves this problem as it allows you to mount a 2-way multiple directly on a BNC jack. The 2-way multiple conveniently allows you to visualize a signal on your oscilloscope and then take that same signal back out to your modular! As a result the Wiretap provides the most convenient way of bridging the gap between your modular synthesizer and your test-equipment.

Please note that this item is a panel that contains 2x Wiretap PCB’s

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As someone who is developing Eurorack modules, I always found it tedious to visualize signals coming from the modular synth on my oscilloscope. The reason for this is that there’s really no convenient adapters for this (well, as far as I know at least). Most workarounds to this problem suffer from two problems: a) They’re usually mechanically unstable, and b) most of the times I would need to redistribute the visualized signal to somewhere else, which requires extra cables and a mult. To alleviate these issues I’ve created the the THREETOM Wiretap, a 2-way mult that you can directly mount onto a BNC connector.

The bill of materials is very straightforward:

  • 2x SMA Female PCB Edge Mount Connector
  • 4x CUI SJ-3524-SMT-TR 3.5 mm jack
  • 2x Adapter SMA Male to BNC Male

You’ll find these components with many online suppliers! Download a cart for Mouser here.


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