Doppio Full DIY kit

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This is a full DIY kit for Doppio (SMT components come pre-soldered). Contains everything to build your very own eurorack caffeination device!

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The Threetom Modular Doppio is a compact stereo amplifier, drive, and soft limiter module. Doppio helps complex and dynamic stereo sounds to find their place in a modular synthesizer context, where signals are hot, and headroom is extremely limited. Doppio does this by implementing a compact, yet flexible, soft-knee limiter. The limiter is specifically designed for eurorack levels and avoids the need for unnecessary make-up gain, resulting in a lower noise floor.

Doppio offers three different gain settings (x1, x5, x21), and three different ratios (linear, drive, and limit). In addition to this Doppio has gain and volume knobs for more precise control. Different combinations of these settings cater to applications like saturating complex stereo signals without turning them into mush, end-of-chain limiting, and boosting line level signals to eurorack level, while still retaining enough oomph to also saturate them nicely. Finding the right settings is made easy by DOPPIO’s unique coffee-bean-shaped indicator lights.

Even though Doppio’s architecture is stereo, that doesn’t mean it has no uses on mono signals: Either process two mono signals with identical settings, or chain the two channels to form a two-stage high-gain mono drive. Finally, it’s important to note that Doppio is DC-coupled and can also be used to process CV signals.

In summary: Doppio is to your signals what a double espresso is to you – it makes you bigger and bolder – and you know you’re hooked when the withdrawal symptoms kick in.

What is included in this kit

  • A Doppio panel with 2 PCB’s with all SMT components pre-assembled
  • A Doppio front panel
  • A Doppio back panel
  • 3D printed LED baffle and switch spacer
  • 2x DPDT switch
  • 2x A50K stereo pot + washer and M7 nut
  • 2x 50K trimmer
  • 4x M2.5×7 standoff
  • 4x Thonkicon jacks + washer and nut
  • 3x male 2×5 2.00 mm connector
  • 3x female 2×5 2.00 mm connector
  • 1x male 2×5 2.54 mm connector
  • A long and short M2.5 screw
  • A 10-16 power cable (approx. 12 cm)

Build docs

Please refer to the DIY info page.



Click here for the manual!

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