Steve’s MS-22 “corona edition” DIY kit


This is an (almost full) DIY kit for Steve’s MS-22. Supplement this kit with a small order of pots and jacks from Thonk and you’re good to build your own copy of the most feature-rich 4HP dual VCF/drone box found in the Eurorack ecosystem.

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The MS-22 is a dual voltage controlled filter, inspired by the classic Korg MS-20 filter, with an innovative modulation matrix and one of the highest function-to-hp ratios in the land of Eurorack. This module was inspired by many pleasant chats with tech journalist Steve O’Hear.

Head over here for a full product description and demos.

What is included in this kit:

  • A Steve’s MS-22 panel with 4 PCB’s with all SMT components pre-assembled
  • A Steve’s MS-22 front panel
  • All components (knobs, switches, LEDs, headers, screws, stand-offs, etc…) required to build the module, except for the pots and jacks listed below
  • A 10-16 power cable (approx. 12 cm)

What to order from Thonk:

Why offer a partial kit?

When the Corona lockdown in Belgium began, I had sourced almost all components for offering full DIY kits for Steve’s MS-22. The only thing I hadn’t sourced at that point were the pots and jacks coming from Thonk. At about the same time, Thonk communicated that they had to reduce their capacity to allow their employees to work safely. Thonk’s reduced capacity made it impossible for me to order a whole batch of the pots and jacks I needed to complete my kits. After a short discussion with Steve from Thonk, I decided to offer these MS-22 kits as partial kits and would point my customers to order the remaining bits from Thonk (as they are still fulfilling smaller orders). In this way I hope to support Steve putting the safety of his employees first.

Build docs

The following documents provide information on how to get through this project without a hitch!

It takes about 1-2 hours to build the module, and about 20-60 minutes to calibrate it.

Whoever said build guides should be boring?


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