Steve’s MS-22 PCB/panel set

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The MS-22 is a dual voltage controlled filter, inspired by the classic Korg MS-20 filter, with an innovative modulation matrix and one of the highest function-to-hp ratios in the land of Eurorack. This module was inspired by many pleasant chats with tech journalist Steve O’Hear.

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Full product description and demo videos

Head over here for a full product description

Head over here for all demo videos.

PCB/Panel set

This PCB+panel set is for people who already have some experience with SMD soldering. The project contains +300 components, most of which are SMD components (0603 passive, SOIC, TSSOP). The total build takes about 8 hours.

If you order a PCB+panel set, here’s what you’ll get :

  • A Steve’s MS-22 front panel
  • A Steve’s MS-22 panel containing all four boards needed to build the module. As opposed to the assembled version, these PCB’s have an exclusive yellow silkscreen.

Build docs

Please refer to the DIY info page.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 128,5 × 110 × 1,6 mm


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