“Technomancer” illuminated blind plate (full DIY kit)

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A 10HP illuminated blind panel with trippy semi-transparent graphics to illuminate your rack and your soul! :)

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These cool illuminated blind plates are a side-product of a tutorial I did on “Make Noise” style indicator lights. As usual, I ordered a bit more than what I needed myself. I’m now offering the excess as a limited run of full DIY kits.

Build docs

Please refer to the DIY info page.

Contents of the kit:

  • a 10HP “Technomancer” blind panel with trippy graphics and semi-transparent window and LED circuitry on the back
  • 6x RGB LEDs, PLCC6 footprint (Broadcom limited ASMB-UTF2-0E20B)
  • 8x 120R 1206 SMT resistors
  • 8x 240R 1206 SMT resistors
  • 8x 10R 1206 SMT resistors
  • 2x SMT IDC power connectors

There’s more SMT resistors in the kit than you need (So, no need to have a heart attack when you lose one). The board does provide footprints for placing decoupling capacitors. These are not included in the kit as they’re not strictly necessary (as the LEDs are a DC load).


  • Width : 10HP
  • 6 high brightness RGB lights (red 690 mCd, green 1850 mCd, blue 400 mCd)
  • Illumination color can be configured through solder jumpers (red, green, blue, magenta, yellow, cyan, white)
  • Power consumption
    • +12V : 0 mA to 66 mA (depending on solder jumper settings)
    • -12V : 0 mA to 66 mA (depending on solder jumper settings)

For maximum effect…

Take care to note that the lighter the interior of your case is, the more noticeable the effect of the “Technomancer” blind plate will be. If your case is rather dark on the inside, you can add pieces of white paper to enhance the effect. Please do take care to not place any flammable materials near any sources of heat!

Additional information

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