Wiretap [v002] eurorack-to-test-equipment adapter

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As someone who is developing Eurorack modules, I always found it tedious to visualize signals coming from the modular synth on my oscilloscope. The reason for this is that there’s really aren’t too many convenient adapters for this. Most homebrew solutions to this problem suffer from two problems: a) They’re usually mechanically unstable, and b) most of the times I would find myself needing to redistribute the visualized signal to somewhere else, which requires extra cables and a mult. To alleviate these issues I’ve created the Wiretap, a 2-way mult that you can directly mount onto a BNC connector.

This is a fully assembled Wiretap adapter, no assembly required, just plug and play!

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When I visualize the signals from my modular synthesizer on the oscilloscope, I often found a need to redistribute them (either to somewhere else in the patch or to my mixer). Of course this is a problem you can solve with some extra cables and mults. However, when you’re working in a small lab space such as mine, the ensuing cable spaghetti tends to make things confusing after a while. For this reason I decided to create the THREETOM Wiretap, a 2-way mult that you can directly mount onto a BNC connector. This way, I have my connections directly at the oscilloscope, making it much easier to keep track of my test patch.

Some notes on strain relief

The Wiretap is designed to handle the weight of regular modular cables hanging down from them. The Wiretaps are strain-relieved in three ways:

  1. The 3.5mm jacks have two mechanical pins that stick through the PCB, this redirects any force/moment put on the jacks to the PCB instead of to the solder joints
  2. If the SMA to BNC adaptor is not overtightened, the Wiretap can freely rotate around it’s axis, so unwanted forces are converted into rotation rather than moment.
  3. The BNC connector has a spring that prevents force/moment put on the Wiretap from being transferred to the BNC connector on your test-equipment

Now, all of this being said : As with any other type of connector/adaptor I don’t recommend any excessive force or moment/lever to be applied to the Wiretap.


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